shop opening

I'm calling it. Pencils down, the shop is open. I thought this was going to be a simple thing, "ah yes, let me just set up a website and I'll sell some prints of my poetry! So easy." Um, no. This has taken me months, and while I'm frustrated that it's taken so long, Brian reminds me that I've done and learned a lot. I've learned about drop shipping, about setting up tax rates, about website design and the basics of coding. I've also learned that I am a designer....and that means the work is never done, you just eventually stop. So, I'm stopping. No more fretting about the perfect alignment, or the scrolling gallery that I can't seem to remove from the product pages, or the fact that I don't have all my products ready. So I'm stopping. 

This is just the beginning. 

Hope you enjoy the shop and please let me know if there are products or poems or anything else you'd like to see! (or if you know how to fix that gallery block...)